1hr. 30min.
Opened Feb 23, 2006
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Test Pilot Productions presents the Manhattan premiere of Nora, legendary film director Ingmar Bergman's adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic play, A Doll's House. More startlingly relevant today than it was over a century ago! Nora is Bergmanesque in its simplicity and clarity. An uncompromising depiction of a marriage and a young woman's journey to self realization is truly compelling and provocative theater. A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen was published in December 1879 in Copenhagen. Audiences were scandalized at Ibsen's refusal to write a socially acceptable ending. Some consider A Doll's House to be the first Modern play with it's psychologically penetrating characterizations and daring social themes. In 1981, Ingmar Bergman adapted Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, August Strindberg's Miss Julie, and adapted his own film Scenes from a Marriage for a two-night production in Munich called A Project for the Theatre. A Doll's House was renamed after its protagonist, "Nora." The play deals with the marriage of Torvald and Nora Helmer. In order to save her husband from dying, Nora takes a drastic measure that must be kept secret to protect their future. The secret's revelation sets into motion a series of events that questions the validity of their marriage, and Nora awakens to a sense of self-awareness for the first time in her life. In one of the most famous (and scandalous) climaxes in nineteenth century theater, Nora makes a choice that continues to be debated by audiences to this day. Box Office Hours: opens 45 minutes before the show starts Group Sales Number (10+): 917-797-1406 Appropriate For Ages: 15 to 99

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