No Matinees : Supplemental

Opened Jan 9, 2009
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This one night theater variety event pops off January 9th at 7pm. Here's is what we you'll see that night:A special performance by Jedidiah Clarke!The (Supplemental) Scenes:Uzi ManDirected by James David JacksonWith C.L. Weatherstone and Kira BlaskovichSo, you and your drug dealer get along? This scene takes a look at the circumstances that can make a progressive liberal artist into a NARC. Pick Your PoisonHelp Anthony Choose one of his short stories to read. The choices are:1)The Empty Room on 35 .A Property Manager, a newswoman, a Canadian girl,and some Uruguayan immigrants clash in this tragic tale. 2)Amatiel. A woman with prescient powers on the verge.3)Line Wars. A first person account of life on the Star Wars: Episode One:,The Phantom Menace ticket line! Told in 3 episodes. Chapter OneDirected by Jill DeArmonWith Jamie Klassel, Tracy Perez, Diaka Kaba, and Scott NormanA young writer after the shine of fame and creativity has worn off findshimself at a crossroads with his oldest friend. The Chapter One reading will serve as a prelude to the Backyart WinterSeries, where Anthony, will be reading the novel, Belated Apocalypse , anovel written as a companion piece to Chapter One, chapter by chapter at themonthly Backyart events. And a Musical Performance from MonsterRallly!