No Man Can Serve Two Masters

Opened May 1, 2008
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Once upon a time, there was a man who didn't know who he was. 'Man' was on the same spiritual journey that we all have to make, the journey inward to SELF. "No Man Can Serve 2 Masters", a modern parable, tells us of ?Man?s experience as he decides which master to serve: love or fear. Interlaced with many colorful characters, including his lonely, manic-depressive wife, Alice, his pot-smoking dominatrix/phony psychic, Ivory, his right-wing, overbearing, racist boss, Mr. Cooper, and many more, this play will take you on a philosophical journey and open your mind and heart to a new, or perhaps long forgotten, way of looking at life. No Man Can Serve 2 Masters" was written by accomplished playwright Michael Levesque and directed by award-winning director, Andrew Glant-Linden. Get ready to be entertained, challenged and INSPIRED!

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