Nixons in Purgatory

Opened Nov 3, 2004
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Wild Ride Theatre Group presents Nixons in Purgatory, a new play by Bernadette Flagler, directed by Mark Gallagher. In this new comedy, a deranged supermodel collides with Pat and Dick Nixon as they paddle through purgatory. With the help of her little friend, JonBenet, a psychiatrist and a fistful of barbituates, she doggy paddles through the muddy waters of current events, brain chemistry and tap dancing. Is it possible to step off the hamster wheel of outrageous fortune? As one child talent agent put it: "As long as there are JonBenet Ramseys, there is going to be a need for a child to play JonBenet in the TV movie." It's a pedo-necro-homicidal-perversionist's glam carnival in the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Welcome to the party!

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