Night Blooming Jasmine




My only regret is that I saw this closing night- too late to recommend to others. As I said to myself at the end of the show, "They nailed it." The script, the direction and the incredible acting successfully develop the viewer's sympathies for both families, the Jewish family and the Muslim family. And not only sympathies in the superficial sense that you feel for all the characters, which you do, but sympathies in the sense that you begin to feel the complex pulls of the deep inter-generational pressures that make change so difficult. We find ourselves wanting to cry out on behalf of the Israeli soldier "Yes! It's possible! Even though we may be shamed or shunned or ridiculed, our love will carry us through! Yes! It is not only possible it is the only thing possible!" And yet we cry with the young Arab woman who must reconcile within herself her desperate desire to follow that song to its natural conclusion and the harsh reality of what will become of her family if she does. We are made to feel the shadow within ourselves of the very powerful tides in force. The actors in this show are all top notch, with the two main characters deserving special recognition for their compassionate, nuanced portrayal of this difficult and so human reality. Thank you.