Necessary Adjustments

1hr. 35min. (1 intermission)


You are cordially invited to the weekend wedding of Millie and Jeff - a pro-elopement bride and a self-appointed Groomzilla. Come join them on the verge of starting a new life together with only a few obstacles to get in the way, including the bride's brother - a petulant wannabe rocker, a stripper who can't get through a lap dance without tears and of course, the future mother-in-law - a traditionalist who is just a little reluctant to give her little girl away. As the clock ticks down and the bridal party goes astray, will the couple find happiness in a one way ticket to Hawaii, or the more likely promise of disaster? Necessary Adjustments tells a comical tale of knowing when to alter your personality or stay who you are and fight like hell for the ones you love.

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