Much Ado About Nothing



RE:Great fun!

American Bard Theater Companys debut full length production is truly fantastic! Although the audience was on two sides of the stage similar feel to theater in the round, I always felt like the actors were performing directly to me - probably because of the excellent staging. The actors were continually moving in a well-choreagraphed, effortless "dance." The dialogue flowed easily and the 2+ hours including intermission flew by. Andrew Eismans Benedick and Natalie Doyle Holmes Beatrice shared great chemistry. Bryan L Cohens very physical portrayal of the foolish Dogberry was spot on. Other stand out performances came from Damon Kinard as Don Pedro, Marcus Denard Johnson as Claudio, Ross Hewitt as Leonato, and Erin Gilbreth as the messenger, the friar, and a watchman. It is truly a well done ensemble effort, with no weak links.