Much Ado About Nothing

2hr. (1 intermission)


Shakespeare in a modern setting? Yeah, cuz that's original. ... What-ev. Wide Eyed Productions sets their second full-length production, Much Ado About Nothing in the heart of New York's trendiest neighborhood, and guess what, it feels right at home. Isolated in their cozy enclave of the pampered and privileged, fearing not the distant wars in Arabia, saucy chicks and horny dudes make the process of hooking-up much harder than it needs to be. No, this isn't Williamsburg-- Oh wait. ... It is Williamsburg! Welcome to Café' Messina, the hippest java joint in Willy-B, where you'll meet a barista named Beatrice who swears never to love a man. Queue the Indian door chimes, and enter Benedick. Just back from a big win the kickball championships on the west coast. Sparks fly as their friends attempt to couple these old foes. Is it a love-lost cause, or a match made in hipster-heaven? Wide Eyed Productions, the company that told you to "keep your eyes wide for whatever they do next," follows up the success of The Medea with this hilarious offering to the winter season. Complete with ironic tag-line: "You're Mom's Much Ado About Nothing," this production is a hipster-magnet 400 years in the making.

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