Mr. Pim Passes By

2hr. (1 intermission)


RE:Mr. Pim Passes By

A fun evening at the theater, driven by a delightful piece of drawing room farce written by AAMIlne. While the production was minimal, which is to be expected in the 50 seat Producers Club venue for an equity showcase, the material was lively enough to carry the evening. The cast I believe could have gone from being solid to sparkling with a bit more guidance from Director Lawrence Frank. The young couple who act as the B story and comic chorus, played by Tami Soligan and Thomas Wesson, could have dispatched their lines at twice the pace. Not that they were slow, but the material was written for them to fly. This would have then provided a stronger contrast to the leads who could stand to be A more calmly imperious, on the part of Leanne Milissa Bishop, and B more devastated and distraught at the sudden turmoil of his life on the part of Henry Wright. Both were fine - but both could go further. Mr. Wright looks so much like a younger John Cleese, and the part is so cries out for that type of performance that I kept wishing... Not that Mr. Write was wrong; he just doesnt have the confidence to take it as far as he could and lift it from amusing to hilarious. Barbara Miluski was splendid with what she had to work with, as the elder aunt and voice of reason - Bea Arthur lives! Though I kept wishing the feather in her hat was twice as long so it could actually create mayhem; but maybe Im old fashioned oh wait this is an eighty-year-old farce. Paul Wilcox as the titular Mr. Pim was convincing in his blustering confusion but again a lack of pacing and confidence kept a servicible performance from soaring. Michele Desmoulins was good as the clumsy maid, but like the other cast members felt just short of superlative. Given the rehearsal time this type of production gets its really better than I expected - by far. The frustration is seeing how it could be so much better with some adjustments. It made me imagine a full blown revival. What would Mathew Warchus do with the cast he had in Boeing Boeing?