Mike Albo presents The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life

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To commemorate the paperback release of his hit comedic novel, The Underminer, author and performance artist Mike Albo is joined by co-author and New York Times writer Virginia Heffernan plus a slew of downtown performers and celebs to read, rant and revel in the adventures of the passive aggressive master who is slowly killing our souls! We all know The Underminer -- that smug friend of yours who knows exactly how to ruin your day: "Do you still like your new haircut?" "Are you sick? You look tired!" "I just saw your ex-boyfriend and he looks AMAZING." Wouldn't it be so healing to know you are not alone? Now it's time to work through your pain -- with a salute to everyone's favorite "Frenemy". A mix between group therapy, Comedy Central and Take Back The Night, performers will read excerpts from the novel and give hilarious real-life testimonials of their own run-ins with the Underminer in their lives. With live music and a cast that includes: Jackie Hoffman, Alan Cumming, Cintra Wilson, Chris Wells and Cause Celeb!'s Nancy Balbirer. Don't forget to bring your best "Friend" so you can look at them across the table with a knowing glare!