Mike Albo: I Can Only Come So Far

Opened Nov 5, 2003
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Performer/author Mike Albo, in association with Publicity Outfitters, is returning to the solo stage with an evening of his beyond-hilarious monologues: Mike Albo: I Can Only Come So Far. The show is a speedy mix of Mike's signature monologues, vignettes, dances, and rants about our hyper-commercial, over-designed, over-marketed lives. Whether he's acting as J.Lo's cell-phone juggling personal assistant, mimicking a litany of advertising slogans at lightning speed, or doing a Britney Spears chair dance in a tiny glittering patriotic outfit, Albo's shows always create "a comic lunacy with a rapier-sharp critique of consumerism." (Paper Magazine). One character who will definitely make an appearance is the evil, passive aggressive master, The Underminer, one of Albo's most popular creations.

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