Men Go Down

Opened Jan 7, 2011
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Men Go Down is inspired by the dearth of American leaders willing to step forward and claim responsibility for our present economic and militaristic downturn, and considers the unequivocal and detrimental impact that the machinations of war and finances have on our present day psyche. The play follows a Greek king who abandons his war-torn country for the safety of a cliff-side cave. The narrative stretches one thousand years through the extended lifespan of the tormented ruler, a man who simply will not make a decision about how to handle his human responsibilities, and until he does so, cannot die. This punishment or, gift is the verdict of an unnamed political council, who observes but remains distanced during his years of ethical elusion.

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Men Go Down - Jan 10, 2011

Cast Announced for John Jahnke's Men Go Down, to Play 3LD in January - Dec 1, 2010

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