1hr. 45min. (1 intermission)
Opened Sep 17, 2004
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Does contracting AIDS define who you are? That's the question Brian C. Petti poses in his provocative comedy-drama, Masquerade, which looks at the AIDS crisis through the eyes of two very different generations. Directed by Mary Geerlof and presented by Ten Grand and a Burger Productions. Long-time companions Mario and Hersh decide to thrown a surprise "positive party" for their much younger friend Doug, who has just tested positive for HIV. With the message "I'm positive and proud" written on the cake, the guests arrive dressed as their favorite literary characters, from Tennessee Williams to Cervantes and Dante. However the party goes off the rails when Doug appears with his mother, who has no idea of his condition. What results is a near farcical effort by those present to hide the truth (not to mention the fact that one of the ladies present is actually a guy). Eventually, things take a sharp and sobering turn as unspoken thoughts and emotions come to the surface. A powerful, timely and ultimately uplifting tale, Masquerade examines AIDS through the prism of differing generations, attitudes and understandings.

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Sep 21, 2004
John D'Arcangelo and Robert Resnikoffin Masquerade(Photo © Joan Marcus) Perceptions of AIDS have changed considerably in the last two and a half decades. Read More

Masquerade - Sep 21, 2004

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