Major Bang

1hr. 15min.


Part suspense thriller, part magic act, part instructional seminar, the Foundry Theatre's Major Bang is a dark and comic take on our new era of global (in)security. Sprung from the contents of a backpack left on the subway, the piece samples Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove and the true story of David Hahn, a boy scout who built a nuclear reactor in his parents' garage to earn his Atomic Energy Badge. Add in the boy's over-caffeinated father, a seductive food irradiation executive, a deranged scoutmaster -- Major Bang himself, scenes from The Bodyguard, and a cameo appearance by Lenny Bruce, back from the dead to discuss the war on terror. All are performed by a magician and a DJ, who in turn are performed by Steve Cuiffo and Maggie Hoffman. The result is a 75-minute ride through 21st century concepts of fear -- both real and manufactured. There is an additional performance on Monday, January 23 at 8pm (opening night), and there is no performance on Tuesday, January 24.

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