Opened Feb 3, 2011
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The world-premiere adaptation of Lysistrata by the renowned puppet artist, writer and director Theodora Skipitares mixes Aristophanes' ancient comic tale about a group of Greek women who withhold sex from their husbands and lovers with video and newsreel footage of actual modern-day international sex strikes. Ms. Skipitares applies a variety of theatrical and multi-media twists to the 2500-year-old tale of LYSISTRATA and her fellow Greek women's ploy to convince the men of ancient Greece to find a peaceful end to war by withholding sexual privileges: from various forms of puppetry to music, choreography, burlesque, a Greek chorus attired in masks and costumes inspired by the ancient Roman Circus and - by way of contrast between the fanciful and the serious - newsreel and video of several sex strikes that have taken place in recent years around the globe, including "The Strike of the Crossed-Legs" conducted by the girlfriends of gang lords in Colombia, a strike in Kenya in the wake of a deadly, corrupt election, and an ongoing naked protest by farmers in Mexico City in retaliation for government appropriation of land.

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Antonevia Ocho Coltes, Daniel Irizzary, Minna Taylor Set for Theodora Skipitares' Lysistrata Adaptation - Jan 10, 2011

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