Lovesong of the Electric Bear

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)
Opened Jul 13, 2010
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Snoo Wilson's fever-dream-like play, Lovesong of the Electric Bear, centers on the life and times of Alan Turing - mathematician, WWII code-breaker and father of computer science. The play takes Turing from his deathbed to his childhood and back again. Turing's teddy bear, Porgy, leads her "Master" through the story, acting as a combination of confidante, guide, tormenter and Greek chorus. Featuring a Disney-inspired soundtrack and a drag number. The cast includes Alex Draper as Alan Turing, Tara Giordano as Porgy, Martina Bonolis, Cassidy Boyd, Alex Cranmer, Claire Graves, Willie McKay, Peter Schmitz, Nina Silver and Lilli Stein.

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Lovesong of the Electric Bear - Jul 14, 2010

Alex Draper, Tara Giordano, Robert Emmet Lunney, et al. Set for PTP/NYC's Summer Repertory Season - Jun 11, 2010

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