Opened Jan 11, 2003
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Pilots don't die. They disappear... love/sad is a magical tale of love, longing, mourning, and hope, transcending our beliefs about the limits of love in this world and beyond. The play follows the life of a pilot, who in an attempt to be the first man to fly across the Atlantic, instead crashes on the moon where he meets a mysterious girl in search of her Prince. Haunted by the questions of a young boy, and by the love that he left behind, the pilot befriends the girl as she regales him with the story of her search and the wonderland of characters that helped her along the way. With live music and exciting acrobatic movement, love/sad is a show for all ages celebrating the fragility of life and the triumph of hope. Writing and direction are by Bajir Cannon and movement by Jeremy Steinke, with original music by Kabir Green and Tim Jones.


love/sad - Jan 13, 2003

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