Lover. Muse. Mockingbird. Whore.

Opened Apr 17, 2011
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Drawing inspiration from the female characters present in the works of poet Charles Bukowski, director/choreographer Austin McCormick seeks to both examine and humanize these women, utilizing film, movement and text. The one-woman show stars Laura Careless, who inhabits these archetypes, showing that beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin. Playing with themes of voyeurism, sexuality and objectification, Lover. Muse. Mockingbird. Whore. promises to be a thought provoking, uniquely designed meditation on love and objectification, revealing what it means to be a woman in Buk's world.

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Laura Careless to Star in Company XIV's Lover. Muse. Mockingbird. Whore. - Mar 25, 2011

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