Los Grumildos

Opened Jul 28, 2009
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Los Grumildos is a puppetry experience that is part performance and part installation created by Peruvian artist Ety Fefer. This voyeuristic experience invites you to visit a magical land where half human half animal creatures inhabit a kind of B-side fairy tale, and a place where Victorian dollhouse meets burlesque. The puppets are Barbie-sized, plasticine-made hyperrealist automatons, but the Barbie analogy stops here. In the world of Los Grumildos, you will meet a sordid and grotesque cast of characters... those you could find only in the seediest underbellies of the city. The experience lasts approximately 15 minutes, but audience members are invited to stay as long as they wish.

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Los Grumildos - Jul 29, 2009

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