Opened Nov 12, 2004
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Rentboy.com presents the Wings Theatre Company production of looking4sex, a new comedy of manners for the 21st Century by Jonathan Kronenberger. David Murray Jaffe directs. Have you ever gone "looking for love" online and feared you might accidentally invite your boss over for a quickie? How about joining a couple for a menage a trois, only to discover upon arrival that you've interrupted a screaming match? Or coming home to find your roommate has hired a submissive man he met online to clean the apartment? The only hitch is that he likes to wear a jockstrap and wants you to humiliate him in repayment. And what exactly do people do until everyone arrives for the orgy? Inspired and anchored by the open arena the Internet has provided for gay men, Kronenberger's play explores through six interrelated vignettes, the follies of men searching for Mr. Right even if it's only Mr. Right Now. looking4sex contains nudity and strong sexual content.

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