1hr. 30min.


RE:A Rollickingly Good Time

This is a rollickingly good play, which ought simply be enjoyed as a fun experience, rather than being over-analyzed, over-interpreted or pondered upon. Superficially, it might appear to deal at least metaphorically with a host of ?big? issues including interracial marriage, same sex marriage, polygamy, homosexuality, nature vs. nurture, animal rights, the advantages or disadvantages of assimilation vs. the retention of one?s historic ethnic identity, speciesism, and on and on. And, assuredly, there will be some, both on the left and on the right, with such intellectual, religious, political or philosophical pretensions that they will focus all their attention on just those sorts of metaphorical allusions. But if one focuses on issues of that sort, one will run the risk of failing to see the forest for the trees. For the fact is that this really is not a very deep nor intellectual production ? and I don?t think it was ever intended to be one. None of the plays characters present any intellectually rigorous arguments in support of any religious, political or philosophical positions and I don?t see that as an oversight or shortcoming on the playwright?s part. On the contrary, I think that the playwright, Peter Michalos, just wanted to create an entertaining work and he certainly succeeded at that. Moreover, all five of the play?s actors are wonderful in their respective roles and, best of all, Melissa Sussman?s performance as Lola-Lola is alone was worth the price of admission. I have posted an expanded review of this play and of other Fringe and non-Fringe productions on my blog