Leave The Balcony Open

1hr. 30min.
Opened Feb 9, 2012
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May is standing in the way of control. June is trying to hold out. Jon really wants a hug. Silent Gen is still looking up at that broken window, and everyone knows why, but never says anything. On a rural college campus where proximity to death defines your social status, four soon-to-be-graduates party, scream and learn how to move on. "Set between the lines of realism and preternatural world, Leave the Balcony Open is a wild theatrical ride through a landscape of loss and resilience," states director Jessica Bauman. "By offering humor and poetry (and costume parties) in the darkest places, it allows both the characters and the audience to find hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable grief."

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Heidi Armbruster, Anna O'Donoghue Set for Leave the Balcony Open - Jan 27, 2012

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