Latin Legends of Comedy



Back by popular demand after their sold-out off-Broadway debut! Producer/director Ray Ellin presents Latin Legends of Comedy. These are the top three Latino comedians in New York, if not the country: Joe Vega, JJ Ramirez, and Angel Salazar. Having any one of these talents on a comedy show is pretty great. Having all three? They compliment each other perfectly. It's amazing. JJ Ramirez headlines all over the country, and used to write for John Leguizamo. Joe Vega tours the US regularly with singer Marc Anthony and comic Chris Rock, and has appeared many times on NBC'S "Law and Order." Angel Salazar, "Mr. Scheck It Out!" has had huge roles in the movies SCARFACE, PUNCHLINE and CARLITO'S WAY. He is a unique artist; his performance is a mixture of street-smart ethnic wisecracks, risque humor, physical comedy, and audience involvement. Yes, the show is performed in English - you don't have to be Latino to get the jokes. For more info check out

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