Landscapes of the Soul Venue and Location

La MaMa E.T.C. The Club
74 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003
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La MaMa E.T.C. The Club

74 E 4th St New York, NY 10003


Four Clowns
The Maiden
The 4th Annual American Human Beatbox Festival
Drink with Death
39 Defaults
Who Am I?
The Third Policeman
Are They Edible?
A Series of One: A Solo Performance Series
The Blender: Eight Short Plays in The Mix
The Third Annual American Human Beatbox Festival
Nightmare in Tenochtitlan Street
The Frogs
Jollification | Mortification
Anybody Waitin?
Oil of Olé! (Flamenco Girl's Clown Tablao)
The Devine One: Sassy Swings Tokyo
Four Beckett Shorts
Kane and Habil at the Pizza Parlor
Squirts: New Voices In Queer Performance
Live! The Well & Often Reader
Cross Bridge
Die: Roll to Proceed
Landscapes of the Soul
Fela-menguz-Flamenco (Fugitive Peasant)
De Farrucas, Amor y Locura
Poor Baby Bree in I Am Going to Run Away
S 16 - Luna Nera
The Pi-Roject
That Beautiful Laugh
In the Solitude of Cotton Fields
Mad Women
Mad Women
An Evening with Joseph Keckler
Now the Cats with Jewelled Claws
Ellen's Birthday Full Beaver Moon Show
Girl/Group: A Daughter's Tale
Etudes for an Astronaut
Barrish, or I promise I'll only look at the sky
Human Beat Box Festival Award Show
Theater Of The 5th Element
NYC Stand Up!
Hip Hop Subway Series
The Law of Remains
International Migration Art Festival
Hope Speaks
Buried Up to My Neck While Thinking Outside the Box
Perforations Festival New York
Three from Tennessee
Beautiful Fire
La Mama-loped
My Life, My Diary, My Dance
Nicholas Gorham: One Drop Passing
Broken Nails: A Marlene Dietrich Dialogue
I Am Going to Run Away
Classically Trained, Practically Broke
Picture Incomplete, a new musical! Starring Trent Armand Kendall
Feed the Monster
William and the Tradesmen
Two Sizes Too Small
Under The Veil: Being Muslim & Non-Muslim in Post 9/11 America
What If?
Don't Peek
Oh, Those Beautiful Weimer Girls
She Turned on the Light
The Magic Show: The Story of the Barefoot Angels
The Full Lucy Moon Show
Tonight: Lola Blau
Human Jukebox
Room For Cream Season One: The Box Set!
Christmas in NickyLand
The Bad Hostess
Pink Bones
Ms. Green Assisted Suicide
Ecstasy and the Ice Queen
Tongues and Hearts
Male Bonding
Jenny Rocha - Pistol Pretty
Ivy Baldwin Dance
The Brain
Clowns by Dead Reckoning
Dottie Hope
Don't Peek!
The Hole in the Wall
Loly n Stick
Railroad Backward
Crenza in a Wobbly
No Strangers Here Today
Jeffrey & Rick: Down with Love
Celebrating Black History Month at La Mama
Fountain of Youth
The Usual Freak Show
The Heat is On!
All Her Faces, A Portrait of Dusty Springfield
Shenanigans: Whispering Pines Junior College Senior Showcase of Talent
Dancing with Bishop
Presenting Gilda Lilly: My Years in Hollywood
Food for Thought
Sylvia So Far
A Page Out of Order Band
Little Big Band
Shenanigans: Back in the Habit
The Architecture of Seeing-REMIX
The Pursuit of Happiness
SWELL(ing) Relatives
The Golf Wars
Spic & Spam
Pinchas, the Fish-people and the great flood
The Fancy Stitch Machine Listening Hour
Odysseus and Ajax
Pear Cowboy Planet
Quentin and I
In Dire Circumstances, Spring Dance Series I
For Bill
Banished to Siberia
Particular People: The Music of Donald Ashwander
Delicious Rivers
I Wanna Be Rosie
The Victor Woo Project
A Full Blown Blast
Why Hanna's Skirt Won't Stay Down
The Whore of Sheridan Square
Scottish Music Night
Moodswings: or the Journey of a Hair
DUB a Hole In The Ground
Up! Up! & More Up!
Notes of the Hershey Man
Profile of a Saint
Gomez & Goldman: Stand up and Slander! Queer Comedy for Strange Times
Julie Goldman and Friends! Outrageous Comedy for One Night Only
Nurse Baby Asparagus: Smooth Out the Night
Amazulu - Dance as a Weapon
The Medea
M 2 O Plays Tango - featuring Astor Piazzolla's Music
Christmas in Nickyland
In Between Spaces
Dance Concert
Waves of All Time
Vox Populi
Shoe Peace
Godiva Dates and a One Night Stand
Whiskerbottom's Revenge
Body Work
Howlin' At The Moon
The 47th Street Hotel
Blind Ness: the Irresistible Light of Encounter
Dancing from Bamiyan to the Bowery
The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great
Showing the Strings
Cabaret Danzón
Un Elephant Terrible
Regained Innocence
Rebecca Moore with Prevention of Blindness
Robert Een and the Musical Giants of Manhattan
Poetry Electric Words from the Civil Rights Movement
I'm Special The Heat Is On
Raw Impressions Musical Theatre #15
The Isotoners
Klub Ka, The Blues Legend
Last Supper
Linas is Kinski
Glamour, Glory & Gold
Foreign AIDS
Henry 5
Raw Impressions Musical Theatre #12: Perspectives