King Lear

Opened Oct 7, 2000
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Ralph Waite (from The Waltons) stars as King Lear in the Aulis Collective for Theatre and Media's re-envisioning of Shakespeare's tragedy. Director Bernice Rohret emphasizes contemporary social issues relating to violence, including domestic cruelty. The play revolves around the title character's division of land amongst his three daughters in preparation for retirement from his throne. Lear determines that the daughter who lavishes him with the most praise and proof of adoration will receive the best land. The two elder daughters make false professions, while the youngest (and the King's favorite) is unwilling to lie to conform to her father's wishes. In a fit of fury, he banishes her. But will he be welcome in the homes of his supposedly dutiful daughters? Not likely, especially as the production explores the question "does violence beget violence?"


King Lear

Oct 13, 2000
Ralph Waite and Natily Blair in King Lear Shakespeare is performed often enough that people frequently fail to take notice unless somebody famous is in a g Read More

King Lear - Oct 13, 2000

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