John Brown: Trumpet of Freedom



St. Mark's-in-the-Bowery hosts the world premiere of John Brown: Trumpet of Freedom, a drama by George Wolf Reily and Norman Thomas Marshall. Directed by Reily, it features Marshall as thirty historical characters including Brown, various slaves and slave owners, and even Harriet Tubman. A portion of proceeds will benefit WBAI Radio and St. Mark's. The play explores the conscience of a man who commits violent acts against those he deems guilty of grave sins. It is set in the shadow of the gallows on the final day of Brown's life as he composes a farewell letter to his Abolitionist compatriots. He ruminates on his attack of the Harpers Ferry arsenal, his actions against the pro-slavery militia in Kansas, and the first time he sees a tortured black slave when he vows to God to wage war against a government that sanctions such abominations.

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