Jesus in Montana



A monologue, written and performed by award-winning humorist Barry Smith, Jesus in Montana tells the true story of Barry's surreal journey into the depths of a bizarre religious cult and his desperate quest for God's truth, or something that seems close enough, in the early 1990s. Barry, then a disillusioned dishwasher living in Aspen, believes his sophistication, wisdom, and hallucinogenic drug use have helped him to overcome his Southern fundamentalist upbringing...until he discovers Jesus has returned and is living in Montana! Sensing that the Apocalypse is near, Barry asks, "What's going on with the world?" and soon meets someone who quells his anxiety, telling him: "Jesus has returned, want to go meet him?" Incorporating home movies, photos and graphics, Barry takes the audience with him on his pilgrimage. Does Barry meet Jesus? Will Jesus like Barry? The answers are hilarious. Schedule Saturday, 8/13 at 5:45 pm Friday, 8/19 at 7:00 pm Sunday, 8/21 at 8:15 pm Thursday, 8/25 at 3:00 pm Sunday, 8/28 at 2:45 pm

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