January Jammin' Venue and Location

Producers Club
358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036
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Producers Club

358 W 44th St New York, NY 10036


Delirio Furioso
The League of Extraordinary Blondes
The Magic Zoo
Who The F*ck Started All This?
The Madman and the Nun
Lost In Space
Who The F**k Started All This
The March
January Jammin'
January Jammin'
America the Beautiful
While You Were Out
Wake Me at Midnight
Summer Chaos - Summer One-Acts
Summer Wildfires - Summer One-Acts
It's OK ... I Love You
4 by Virginia McMorrow
Spring Storm - Spring One-Acts
Spring Shower - Spring One-Acts
The Weight of Water
Gone A Maying - Spring One-Acts
Cool Cats and Ugly Stepsisters - an evening of Plays by Fred Roberts
Spring Poppers - Spring One-Acts
April Peepers -- Spring One-Acts
Love, Shakespeare
Fingertips of Spring - Winter One-Acts
Marching Into Spring - Winter One-Acts
February Flurries - Winter One-Acts
Finishing Touches
The Best Place We've Ever Lived
Comedy Gone Awry - Winter One Acts
Frost Bite - Winter One-Acts
If I Can't Have You Then, Nobody Can
Candy Apples and Hot Cider
Cranberry Sauce and Pumpkin Pie Autumn One-Acts
Heaven Help Me
The Changing of the Season
Sizzling, Sweltering Sunshine Summer D One-Acts
The Guys
Dog Days Summer C One-Acts
Ferryboat/Miss Julie
Hot Fun in the Summer Time
Uncommon Women and Others
The Heat Is On -- July One-Acts
The 4th Zoa
Fireworks Festival Summer A One-Acts
A Breath of Summer -- Spring D One-Acts
Prometheus Bound
Dick & Gina
Lilacs in Dooryards Spring C One-Acts
One Act Gems
May Flowers Spring B One-Acts
Spring Showers Spring A One-Acts
Tennessee Williams 101 featuring This Property is Condemned
Winter C One-Acts -- March Winds
In a Wicked Mood
Winter B One-Acts -- A Blizzard of Plays
In a Wicked Mood
Winter One-Acts -- Dashing All the Way
The Ladies of the Night Before Christmas
Falling into Winter One-Acts
Summer in the City
La Ronde
Androcles and the Lion
True Lies
Bountiful Harvest One-Acts
The Joy of Broken Dreams Part Deux
Autumn Begins: One-Acts
Spice! an evening of variety
The Triumph of Love
The End of Summer One-Acts
The Revenger's Tragedy
Summer One-Acts Evening E
Summer One-Acts Evening D
The Jazz Age
Caprice/To Choose, Build, and Destroy/Erect One's Skyscraper
Summer One-Acts Evening B
Summer One-Acts Evening A
Diminished Fifth
The Joy of Broken Dreams
Spring One-Acts Evening E
Spring One-Acts Evening D
Spring One-Acts Evening C
Spring One-Acts Evening A
Joe Matarese in Fixing Joe
Under the Same Moon (Producers Club)
The Guido Monologues
Winter One-Acts Evening D
The Pretentious Young Ladies
Winter One-Acts Evening C
Mike Destefano - Drugs, Disease and Death: A Comedy
Winter 2011 Evening B
Winter 2011 - Evening A
Belzac December Night
Guns, Shackles & Winter Coats
La Revolucion
Frau Dracula
A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx
Blood Sistas
How I Killed My Roommate...and got away with it
I Lost my Heart in Haiti
Laughing till it Hurts
N.I.C.E.: Four Siblings in a Life and Death Battle
T.S. Eliot: A New Musical
Dickinson: The Secret Story of Emily Dickinson
Harlem on My Mind
The Last Christmas of Ebenezer Scrooge
Found in the Garden, Fragments of Shrapnel
Hell's Kitchen Story
Mr. Pim Passes By
What Say You?
Praying Small
Past Tense: The Feminine Gender
The House of Bernarda Alba
The McCarthy Account
A Reed in the Wind
Dragon Country Deux
The Taming of the Shrew
The Colors Of Life: One-Acts
Hate That I Love You!
I'm Delivered From My Inner Me/Treat Me Not To Leave You
Tales of The Black Veil 6 - Sanguines on Stage
Tales of The Black Veil 5- The Resurrection
69 Ain't Just a Number
Five Flights
Blood Knot
Midtown Children's Musical Theatre Festival
Bad Musicals Festival ' 08
Pinokenstein: the Musical
Legends, Myths, and Hieroglyphs
Pack Your Stuff & Leave
Monkey Trick
Le Grand Fromage
They're Playing Our Song -- New York
Kindergarten Confidential
A Handful of Dust
The New To New York Actors Showcase
Sitting in Limbo
A Pirate's Lullaby
A Dead Man's Apartment & Face Divided
Five Twelfths By William Shakespeare
Back 2 Back
Make Me Look Like Halle Berry
As You Like It
The Newlyweds
Ghetto Chronicles: The Hip Hop Musical
Cigarettes and Chocolate
The Madonna Whore...Confessions of a Dirty Mind
An Evening with Johnny Valiant
Bridal Terrorism
Pack Your Stuff And Leave
Geology of the Mind
The Cemetery Club
...In Bed
The Six Nights To Live Festival
Extraordinary Deceptions: A Magic Show
A Family's Play
Alcibiades the Athenian
Broke Hotel
Backstage at Da Fonky B - A New Orleans Soul Musical
Dad, ...My Boyfriend Is Black
Diversity Players of Harlem presents A Theater Lounge Series
Monologue Mania
The Baltimore Waltz
61 Dead Men
Trudy's Voice
Black Men Cry Too (Producers Club)
Aven'U Boys
The Mercy Seat
Only You
Dutchman and Shades Of Gray (Reading Between The Color Lines)
Comedy Eroticus: A Lover's Fantasy
Winterkill and Thangs You Don't Say Outdoors
Vintage Stage II
Once on This Island
My Super Evil Inferior Complex: The Christmas Edition!
After the Fall
Black Folks Guide To Black Folks
...four one-legged men!
A Tale of Three Cities
Gay Slave Handbook
Revenge of a King
Out of the Box
The Fertility Factor
Old Man Pete
Blues in a Broken Tongue
Pasta and Pigskin
Co-Op: The Comedy of Epic Pretensions
Fear and All of Me
Girls: a two act play about men
Men Are Dogs
Chosen: a musical
His, Hers and Ours (Producers Club)
Yet to Evolve
We're Out of Tune & Cold Beer
Babes and Brides
Waiting For Godot
The Best of Both Worlds: Now What? & Basketcase
Chicken Delight
Fade Out or, The Imperfections of a Man
Sex Is More Than a Three Letter Word And Sixty Nine Ain't Just a Number
Liquid Spirits and The Jewel
The Red Mollies
It Came From the Twilight Zone
Those the River Keeps
Polaroid Stories
The Fallen 9/11
Don't Get Me Wrong
Last Day
From Auction Block to Hip Hop: The Miseducation of Lauryn's Girls
The Best of the Strawberry One-Act Festivals
Ex Trellas
First Day
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Liquid Spirits
The Imperfections of a Man
Human and Herman
Cowboy Mouth
How I Killed My Roommate...and got away with it
Barflies - A Night of One Acts
Liquid Spirits
Joys of Lipstick
Da Beat Trap / Shakespeare N. Haarlem
Sun City
1 Mic, 1 Night: This Is for the Critics
Tam Lin
Blue Surge
Shirley Valentine
Not Understanding
Four Turns of the Screw
Blowing It
Judy and Me
The Old Neighborhood
Dream'in New York
Nobody Knows I'm a Dog
Voices from the Heart
Before I Disappear
Watching Porn
Seeking: Sexy, Sane & Single (Personal Ad Adventures)
A...My Name is Alice
Veins and Thumbtacks
Judy and Me
Father's Day
Nice Guys Don't Piss on Tulips
A Naked Date
Voices from the Heart
Members of the Tribe
Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1
No Answer and Mr Edward's Appointment
The Marriage Broker
Socrates on Trial
The Glass House/Face Divided
Two to Show
Cuban Operator Please.../Floating Home
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Tangled Up in Blue
Confessions of a Wonderbabe
Ethan's People
The Dreamer Examines His Pillow
Klaatu Improvisational Comedy
The Odd Couple
Stop Kiss
Games in a Birdbath: An Evening of One-Act Plays
Raised in Captivity
How to Train Your Man
Adam: The Life and Times of Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
Sista Scrooge
A Very Jaggered X-Mas
Behind the Eyes
Heart of Darkness
Larger Than Life
Boogie Rican
Down the Road (Livin' Large Productions)
Shtick People: One Nation Under Construction
Mykronesia: or the Nation of Kron
The Family
Secrets of Columbine
Pinter Pieces
Motherhood...and Apple Pie
Exit to Miami
The Gay and Lesbian Manic Depression Musical
Sexual Perversity in Chicago
A Tandem of One-Acts
Chek-Out? (Again!)
The Product of Faulty Parenting
Sheeehutt and I
Mass Appeal
Black Man's Bluez
One Millennium Only
Sexual Perversity in Chicago/Duck Variations
Some Men Need Help
The Miser
The Splinter Group Meets the Mummy
Search and Destroy
An Evening with Thomas Solomon
Bitter and Jaded at 25
Ma Na Ja Twa: The Circus Play
Sometimes You Gotta Let the People Know II
Stormy Weather Revue: The Tribute
All Four One
Friendship, Death...& Singing
Lizbeth of Maplecroft
Guys Are Idiots/Chicks Are Idiots
Wreck Refuge
Four Dogs and a Bone
The Paisley Sisters' Christmas Special
That's Judy: A Musical Tribute
Bootleg Scene Night
Brendan, We Hardly Knew Ye
Psychopathia Sexualis
Hold Me!
Dope The Endeavor
The Tempest
82nd Shepards' Play, The
Keep Going Girl
Claudette: Impressions of a Young Actress
I Owe You MY Life/
Third and Oak: The Laundromat
Mother's Prayer, A
My Sin, My Soul: My Showcase
Java Jive
Maud Gonne in Exile
All Hands on Deck & 40
Singing in My Sleep