Infallibility Venue and Location

440 Studios
440 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003
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440 Studios

440 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003


Suicide Math
The Skype Show or See You in August
The Office of Dead Letters
The Assessment
Alabama Bound
What Every Girl Should Know
Talking with Angels: Budapest 1943
Scarred For Life: Tale of A Mexican-American Trying To Get Out of East L.A.
Pep Talk
Blizzard '67
Bellini and the Sultan: A Comedy in Istanbul
The Alexis Lambright Tell-A-Thon: Combating Adult Virginity
Milk For Mrs. Stone
The Drifts Live: The Novel Onstage
Salamander Starts Over
I'm Sorry
The List
Gil Kuno's "Six String Sonics, The"
The Mirror Show
Fortunate Daughter
Being Becoming
Ungrateful Daughter: One Black Girls Story of Being Adopted Into a White Family... That Aren't Celebrities
Naked and Crazy: True Stories from Meghan Gambling & Sascha Alexander
What I Learned From Porn
Cat Gets Credit Card!
In the Wilderness
Twin Towers
Those Whistling Lads: The Poetry and Short Stories of Dorothy Parker
The Katrina Project: Hell and High Water
The Imaginary Invalid: By Prescription Only
Our Country
Cleopatra - A Life Unparalleled
New Beulah
Child of Hungry Times
Cafe Sustainable & Instant Happy!
Wait of the World
America: A Problem Play
Her Kind: The Life & Poetry of Anne Sexton
Designer X, Your Face, What Are You Doing Here?
Everybody Dies
Truth or... Consequences
The Jamb
A Play on Words (440 Studios)
Wagon Wheel
POP! Riffs, Rants and Ramblings on the Current State of Popular Cultural Affairs
The Siblings
Seascape with Sharks and Dancer
On The Verge
His, Hers and Ours (440 Studios)
Marry Me a Little and Orange Alert
The Knowledge & Conversation of My Guardian Angel or An Old Fashioned Love Story
The Fall
Back From The Front
High Cotton
Let There Be Light..!
Sluts On Ice!
Getting Out