Incredible Sex

1hr. 53min. (1 intermission)
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The Foolish Theatre Company presents INCREDIBLE SEX by Rich Orloff directed by Jeffrey C. Wolf with Julie Ferrell, Deborah Green*, Traci Hovel, Jason Liebman*, William McCall, & Peter R. Thewes* (*courtesy of Actors Equity) INCREDIBLE SEX is a trio of acclaimed one-act comedies about love & lust, including: WOMEN IN HEAT three Ohio gals in Florida have an out-of-state experience (soon to be published in "The Art of the One-Act") "Very funny. Orloff asks what women want - and for his hilarious bonus, answers that question while finding out what some men want, too." - Columbus Dispatch I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD COOK two brothers: one cooks, one has trouble digesting (published in "The Best American Short Plays 1996-1997") "Humorous and sensitive" - The Martha's Vineyard Times "A gentle comedy that ends up being gently moving" - The Other Paper (Columbus, Ohio) MARS NEEDS WOMEN, BUT NOT AS MUCH AS ARNOLD SCHECTER What can a New Jersey nerd do when his gal dumps him for a Martian prince? (produced throughout the USA and Australia) "A lively intergalactic romp" - Martha's Vineyard Times Group Sales (10 or more): Abigail Cadle at Bonus performance Sunday, May 1 at 7 pm Appropriate for ages 16 and older (15 if they're precocious)

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