In Security

Opened Apr 22, 2009
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Unbound Collective presents the world premiere of In Security, written and performed by Anna Gutto with interactive videos by Ann Oren and directed by Alexis Poledouris. This show seamlessly blends live performance with animation and film, and is a capriciously funny glimpse into the brain of Dr. Lona Waverton, successful surgeon and endearing control freak. It´s the night before her wedding, and everything is in check, until she makes one mistake - and suddenly her personal and professional lives are thrown into conflict. Drawn into Lona's chaotic fight against insecurity, the audience enters a world where fantasy and reality collide. Creating the playful world of Lona Waverton, the set juxtaposes real objects with drawn objects, creating a childlike construction of a room. Prop details are projected onto the set and as six different people in Lona's life come in and out of her mind, the projected props morph into "puppets" of those characters, using video with a combination of live action and animation. The set is a vessel to Lona's mind - the more chaotic her mind gets, the more intrusive the characters become.

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In Security - Apr 22, 2009

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