In God's Hat

Opened Jul 18, 2010
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Set in a crummy motel on a desolate highway leading away from a penitentiary, In God's Hat involves two brothers who haven't seen each other for a bit more than the decade Mitch has been locked up for pedophilia. When Roy, the younger of the two, implies that his brother's payment of his debt to society still leaves an unpaid balance to the family, a feeling of double jeopardy is seeping under the door. As two Aryan skinheads butt in to add their own crude indictments, Mitch's punishment is starting to look a lot worse than the crime.


In God's Hat - Jul 18, 2010

Tom Pelphrey Finishes the Hat - Jul 14, 2010

Emmy Award Winner Tom Pelphrey to Star in Richard Taylor's In God's Hat - May 6, 2010

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