Ice Factory '07



The 14th annual Ice Factory summer festival of new work presents seven New York premieres in seven weeks. July 4- 7 Inverse Theatre No More Pretending (aka The Return of Indiebot) Text by Kirk Wood Bromley Direction by Howard Thoresen Three actors - who used to "do shit" together - run into each other in the park. One's famous, one's left the biz, and one still "does shit." What is it to be independent when freedom is money, reality is produced, and no one wants to see your shit? A debatable manifesto on the econopathics of one-way exchange. July 11-14 The Bushwick Hotel Johnny Applef$%&er By Rachel Shukert Directed by Stephen Brackett Music by Jerm Pollet With only his cooking-pot, his special sleeping log and His Dream, John Chapman makes his way through the wilds of frontier America, spreading joy, laughter and syphilis wherever he scatters his seed. But will fame clip this dreamer's wings? A tall tale of a very loving person. July 18-21 New Georges STRETCH: a fantasia by Susan Bernfield music by Rachel Peters directed by Emma Griffin The final days of Rose Mary Woods, loyal secretary to Richard M. Nixon, as she observes the presidential election of 2004 from her swing-state nursing home, and thinks about power, and loyalty, and lying. And has some very strange dreams. July 25-28 The Lacy Project written by Alena Smith dir. by Susanna Gellert producer Shira Beckerman Her mother's photographs turned Lacy into an icon of childhood innocence and beauty. Now, on the night of her 22nd birthday, Lacy has to navigate between image and reality, sex and friendship, self-indulgence and responsibility. An incisive portrait of a young woman held captive by her own childhood. A vivid picture of a generation adrift in a sea of excess, raised in a culture of indulgence and unable to grow up. August 1-4 Rindfleisch 80% of Love Choreography: Elke Rindfleisch with company members Music: The Czar Bomba (Chris Woltmann) & The Collective Opera Co. (Ryan Tracy) Dramaturg: Joseph Gallo Drawing inspiration from the novel Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami, 80% of Love delves into the worlds of two women and one man and their quest for love. By amplifying the physical manifestations of longing and desire, Rindfleisch sculpts demanding and quirky movement, text, and music into a landscape drenched in want. August 8-11 Vampire University written by John Kaplan directed by Desmond Mosley producer Meghan May Hart A struggling vampire family descends on an evangelical college in the Midwest, and every assumption about god, sex, and the nature of longing is up for grabs. When dad's mid-life crisis of immortality triggers a desire to come back to life, the gulf between first and second generations vampires has never seemed greater. August 15-17 The Best The7 Battles TheBest written and directed by Eamonn Farrell Developed w/ ensemble Music by Jim Iseman III Seven battles. One night. Superstar government hackers lay siege on the tough'n'talented pop icons of TheBest in a webcast fraught with explosive situations, feats of technological prowess and kick-ass music. The fates of life, death and even the after-life hang in the balance as the forces of war take on the warriors of peace. Plus: August 18 THE BEST Hilda's Dance Party Performance and Ice Factory '07's Closing night blow-out

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