I Love You, Petty, & Favre

1hr. 40min.


see this!

not your typically weird fringe play. its original and down to earth. a play for the average person. loved every minute of it.

very sad

i cried my eyes out during this show. be aware this is not your typical love story. loved every minute of it though


went with some friends to this the other night. we thought it was great. wonderful acting job by Philip Marino and Jen Kipley. some very funny parts throughout as well. both a comedy and a drama

Wonderful story

I went to the performance of I Love You Petty and Favre last night. What a wonderful and heartwarming story. Very well done and very well acted. Highly recommend

I Love You, Petty & Favre..You Will Too

This is a sweet, touching and often funny play reflecting lifes moments presented in an usual style with terrific performances from all on stage. Its essentially a beautifully written love story between the main characters giving us an opportunity to share both their joys and sorrows. I could hear lots of laughter as well as sniffling, some of which was mine, throughout the theatre. Get to the Barrow Street Theatre and catch this play. Im really happy I did!

Sad and hilarious

Some very funny parts in this show. "Rob" steals the show in one particular scene. Not many dry eyes in the audience at the end. Wont say too much more

Very well written

The dialogue in this play is true to life and the portrayal by the actors is very well done. I recommend seeing this show.

Best of FringeNYC

Go see this, you wont be disappointed!

Best of FringeNYC

Go see this, you wotn be disappointed!

Best of FringeNYC

Go see this, you wont be disappointed!

highly entertaining

Great new play. I look forward to seeing this in a larger venue. There were a few quirks due to the contraints of the Fringe, but overall a very solid porduction.

Wonderful new play

I saw this on Friday as well. Very touching and funny new play. The little kids in it were adorable and some very talented actors are in the cast. This is selling out fast with all the latest Favre news, get tickets soon!

So good!

I saw the openign of this play on Friday night. I recommend very highly. Made me laugh and cry. Very heartwarming story.