I Can't Not



This waterfront venue is a great way to adhere to the Memorial Day tradition of visiiting the waterfront. I Can't Not features trapeze-dance works by Julie Ludwick and live musical interludes by Joshua Geisler and Friends. Ms. Ludwick blends traditional modern dance with low-flying trapeze and her aerial work emphasizes moves that occur between trapeze "tricks". The material is edited by Ludwick for expressive content and melded to formal structures. Ludwick's approach to the trapeze is strictly a dance one (she has never studied circus trapeze); her works are expressive, original, and diverse. The program features two premieres (*) and repertory works: * I Can't Not explores irresistible urges to move, climb and fly. The dance is electrified by the live accompaniment of Geisler's atmospheric, up-tempo funk featuring keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums. * My Life Revolves Around You shows two people whose lives are deeply connected. They give and take each others weight as they fly circles around one another. An original composition by Geisler with a melodious bamboo flute and percussive frame drumming follows the dancers as they revolve, evolve and dissolve. Tinkerbell in Training, portrays this mythical character before she knew her flying tricks. She hurls in and out of the trapeze with comedic results. The work includes an original score by Ken Pierson that combines Chopin's Waltz in A flat major with modern accordion, and a costume by Elissa Iberti that exudes a cartoon Amazon woman. Excerpts of What Goes Up, a reprise of Ludwick's first group trapeze dance (1993). Set to a Bach partita this sextet blends traditional floor moves with aerial dance, making full use of the vertical space and contrasting weightless flights with dropping bodies. This outdoor performance venue is covered. Therefore there is no need for a raindate. Box Office Hours: Tickets available @ Pier 63 1/2 hour prior to the show Group Sales Number (20+): 212 304 3791

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