I Am My Own Wife

1hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


I Am My Own Wife was the first one-person show ever to win a Pulitzer Prize, which it won in 2004. Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, the main character of Doug Wright's award-winning play, is a German transvestite, who goes on to become a celebrity in his/her own right, to the point of being declared by some a national German hero. Von Mahlsdorf's story is an amazing one. Moving from a young boy's realization of his sexuality (inspired by a warm-hearted aunt) through his confrontations with his father to his eclectic collection of antiquities; we witness his stories of survival of both the Nazis and the post-World War II occupation. With the publication of Mr. Wright's play- he became a celebrity- given the nickname "The Tranny Granny." But with fame, came the rumors he cooperated with the Stasi, perhaps even informing on others, thus threatening the acceptance he had struggled a lifetime to achieve.

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