Howie the Rookie

Opened Jan 3, 2001
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The UK-based Bush Theatre presents Howie the Rookie, a wickedly funny white-knuckle ride throught the dirty dives of Dublin. The intricate, overlapping tale unfolds first from "the Howie Lee" and then from "the Rookie Lee" (no relation). As these two thugish lotharios each relate lust, guilt, revenge, violence, and feuds of honor (involving a scabies-infested mattress and an accidentally trodden-on prize Siamese fighting-fish, respectively), their stories coalesce, until a surprise twist lands one man the tragic hero of the other man's story. This multi-award winning production is written by Mark O'Rowe, and directed by Mike Bradwell.

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Howie the Rookie - Jan 9, 2001

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