How to Turn Distress into Success and Standing-in-the-way-Bystander Commemoration

Opened Dec 3, 2003
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How to Turn Distress into Success features the "National More-More-More Society" who teach the "Student of Success" how the transformation of distress into success transforms success. With cardboard puppets, live music, and ancient Georgian chants, Distress takes a child, which is "Population" from the arms of "Truth" to the butcher's shop where war is taught. The lesson is concluded with a dance of the "Collateral Damage Dancers." The Standing-in-the-way-Bystander Commemoration is an 18-foot-tall puppet memorial service for the recent collateral damage victims of Iraq. The Commemoration starts with a street paly from the 60s called "A Man Says Goodbye to His Mother" and proceeds by transforming the Vietnamese into Iraqis.