Hotel Lucky



Two thumbs up

We saw this production last week and thought it was very funny. Someone at the close of the show addressed the issue of the location citing they had booked space elsewhere but at the last moment the theater claimed they had financial issues and could not provide the dates. Based upon the explanation I think the actors and techs did a nice job trying to make it work. I know all too well how difficult it is to search for theater space. Young developing talent including authors need more avenues to showcase their work. I was more amazed at the inexpensive ticket pricing which is unheard of for theaters in and around midtown. Since I frequent these types of smaller venues, I would love to purchase seats to a future theatrical production in a better setting to draw a final conclusion.

Very Good

I thought the play was very funny and entertaining. It's a show the whole family can enjoy

Needs work

This show is very mediocre. It was in an audition space, not a theatre when I saw it. It wasn't professional lighting. And the plot was very mediocre and cliche. Cliche characters. Which, I don't know if I should blame the actors or the playwright/director. I mean, Seymour was a "typical," cliche version of what black men are represented as: cheap and fussy. Which does not help our community. Not for laughs or anything. The dialogue seemed as though a 12yr old wrote it. I couldn't tell if they were from the south or New York City. The play was confusing. It was not thoroughly written and it seriously was made to "try" and please audiences. The jokes were obvious and just horrible. Most of the characters didn't even need to be in the show. Mason and Kekee, the two kids, were in out of scenes. They were in scenes for what it seemed less than a minute. The show could have done without them. The actor that plays Mason, wasn't too believable either. There were over 12 characters. There was no real point for that. If the playwright is published, then theatre should rethink their criteria for this type of stuff. I just felt as though this was not theatre. High school and college productions have been 100x better. If this is what FIG's usual type of plays, whether original or not, I will never attend another one of their productions

Loved It!

This play was so good! Loved all of the characters! 2 thumbs up!


Went to see the play Saturday night and was completely blown away by the talented cast! From the first scene to the last, the actors had me laughing non-stop. The chemistry between the cast was incredible especially between the brother and sister Greg and Jen. You can tell that those two have star potential. I was also impressed with the young girl who played Kekee who had great stage presence. The father Seymour was outstanding as the lead role and kept the laughs flowing throughout the play. The grandmother Nanadee was hilarious. Roman and the girl who had fifty jobs had me in tears lol. Every single one of the actors did an amazing job and I recommend this play to anyone that loves to laugh and have a great time. Don't miss out on this hidden gem!


This script was poorly written. I attend many plays and this might be the worst. You can't even blame the cast of actors for this. No plot, no purpose, no anything. They did well for what was at hand. The Roman guy did well. Most characters didn't have any real objective. I would have liked to see the immediate family interact more. The brother and sister have a great broadway look but couldn't shine with their dialgue. The grandmother did well. The light skinned gentleman with the glasses and accent did well. The whole cast actually looks like they have potential, I just don't understand why they are working with this director. Maybe they didn't get the full script before they agreed to be apart of this crap.

Great show

I saw this play a few years ago with a different cast. I am familiar with this playwrights work and saw something they did in Philadelphia. Brilliant writer. I only wish they would allow equity actors to be cast to really show justice to their work. Cast has promise. Would recommend to others to see.

This is not theatre

I went to the shows opening last night The playwright has probably never written anything actually worth reading due to the fact that the play has no plot. The characters had no true textual development, there was no climax, no real conflict (besides between Seymour and Roman. Both of whom were absolutely brilliant.) The dialogue was elementary at best and it seemed as though the actors had no direction at all. The woman who wrote/directed this show has a lot to learn about writing AND directing. But I trust that she will grow as she continues, let's just hope she learns from this experience. Besides that, the cast was pretty good. The dude who played Roman is HILARIOUS! I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for his name.


"Hotel Lucky" opening night was great! So funny! I especially enjoyed the actors who played the Hoffmans. Acting was great and the ability to maintain those voices throughout the funny.

Why so long?

I attended the opening night of "Hotel Lucky" at the Altered Stages 2 on 2/16/2013. It certainly did not start out very well. First, the play started late, which is quite unprofessional. Then, the theatre did not have stadium seating. Everyone, with the exception of the front row and those over 6'5" had to strain their necks to even watch the play. The play itself was so long. It was obvious that most of the cast forgot their lines, cues. Scenes 1-5 were terrible. Finally, some great actors took the stage in Scene 6. Chauncey Johnson and Candice Hightower were great! Funny, had great chemistry. Finally some professionals were actually on stage. Any time they were on stage, enjoyable. Otherwise, terrible play.