Theatre 54 @ Shetler Studios
244 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019
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Shetler Studios - 12th floor Religious Wars...The Whore of Babylon...Oedipal Complex...Spying...Religion in Politics...Doomsday...Church of England...Scholarship by Linda Kay Hoff...Not your grandfather's Hamlet! Considered one of the "problem" plays, theatre practitioners, literary critics and average folks have debated the true meaning of this play for centuries. Is Hamlet actually a tragic hero? Is his lunacy feigned, or is there some deep misogyny lurking in his antics? Is it bi-polar disorder? NPTC will consider all of the existing theses, and incorporate First Folio analysis, video installation, and new scholarship that illustrates the script actually mirrors the Book of Revelation (!) bringing our audiences a fresh, physical, "new" perspective on Hamlet!

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