Gutenberg! The Musical! (NYMF)

Opened Sep 24, 2005
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Gutenberg! The Musical! features a book by Anthony King, lyrics by Scott Brown & Anthony King, and music by Scott Brown Doug Simon and Bud Davenport wrote a MUSICAL! And they think it's really GOOD! It's called: Gutenberg! The Musical! It's the TRUE story of Johann Gutenberg, the Printing Press, an evil Monk, and a beautiful wench named Helvetica. And they're gonna perform the CRAP out of it for Broadway producers... AND FOR YOU!! But mostly for YOU! Anthony King and Scott Brown are the masterminds behind Doug Simon and Bud Davenport - two simple dolts who set-out to musicalize quite possibly the least musical event in history - the creation of the printing press. Gutenberg! The Musical! is a hilarious story of misguided passions, historical inaccuracies, Broadway aspirations and, of course, trucker hats.

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