Goodbye New York, Goodbye Heart

1hr. 30min.
Opened Dec 2, 2010
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What does it mean to be "alive" when we spend our lives in virtual worlds? In Goodbye New York, Goodbye Heart, Lally Katz plunges us into a phantasmagorical yet oh-so-recognizable cyber-universe where the living and the dead jostle, time doesn't pass, and food never seems to fill you up. You can download almost anything - even emotions - and the dead still live, but you can't bring them back to the real world... or can you? Featuring Nicolle Bradford, Ryan King*, Samantha Sherman, Rae C. Wright*, Andrew Dawson*, Danielle Slavick*, Erin Maya Darke, Polly Lee*, Lucy Walters* and Brian Robert Burns* Scenic Design: Valérie Bart Lighting Design: Carolyn Wong Costume Design: Carolyn Hoffmann Sound Design: Asa Wember Stage Manager: Jeff Meyers* Dialect Coach: Kohli Calhoun Producer: Avi Lipski Publicity: David Gibbs/DARR

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