1hr. 45min. (1 intermission)


Urban, gritty, and unabashedly honest GO HOME! is a story about gentrification in the boroughs of modern day New York City. The in your face story speaks of the inevitability of the rich taking over, and the ensuing struggle of the people left behind. GO HOME! follows a day in the life of the Ponces, a Latin family, who have inherited their deadbeat father's buildings and are faced with the decision to sell or not to sell. It will take your mind into a philosophical exploration of the timeless issues of the struggle for land, survival, money and morality. The Ponce brothers' beliefs stand at opposite ends of the spectrum, setting up a clashing of ideologies that mother, Kathrine, attempts to moderate. Marcus, the younger of the two, is a self-proclaimed "realist" who believes in survival of the fittest and is concerned with only what is best for him and his immediate family. Pedro, on the other hand is more of a "moralist" who bases his choices on how he feels they will affect not just the people around him but the overall energy of the world. Their beliefs appear to be uncompromising but when theory suddenly becomes reality, what was once black and white becomes gray and convictions give way to questions. Dirty Feet Productions presents world-renowned spoken word poets EL GRITO DE POETAS, who are part of the festivities for the full run of the show!!! THESE GUYS ARE A MIX OF TALENT AND REALITY- NOT TO BE MISSED!! Group Sales Number (5+): 917-330-9424 Appropriate For Ages: 15 and over

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