Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

1hr. 30min.


Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! is the umbrella title of six short and bitingly satiric plays lampooning George W. Bush and his administration. The plays, all written by Gene Ruffini, have a total cast of 14. The plays are: Dancing in the Dock: Bush and cohorts are defendants in a war crimes trial. The Pickle of King George: King George is faced with turmoil and corruption in his court and in the colonies in the Revolutionary War. War Is Sell: Two stockbrokers vie in selling the glories and profits of war to their clients. The Sweetbird of Truth: A senior White House media specialist teaches a pretty young intern how to spin the news. Oh, Say Can You See: Americans enjoy a raucous July 4th picnic and invite Iraqi refugees to join them while ominous explosions sound in the distance. The Sparta Gene: A typical American family of the near future holds an intervention to try to rid a family member of pacifist behavior. Appropriate for audiences 12 and up.

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