Girl In Heat

1hr. 20min.


A lawyer. A secretary. A late night at the office. Girl in Heat is the sensational new play that combines sexual intrigue and psychological drama with unexpected humor. Joseph and Marilyn, all alone in his law office, engage in a series of steamy foreplay games with each other, only to discover that their connection is much deeper than they ever imagined. Meanwhile, audience members are on the edge-of-their-seats for this very adult rollercoaster. Leave the kids at home for this one. "Very funny. He's a randy married lawyer with ideas. She's a kittenish office temp with an agenda. It's a slow night at the firm on a Friday in August. Girl in Heat is about that really familiar couple, vulnerability and trust. Mr. Avidon, who has a glint in his eye and a slightly demented, toothy grin reminiscent of the French actor Fernandel, shows the fear inside the tightly wound Joseph. Ms. Leibert, with the more difficult part, makes Marilyn's self-revelation convincing." -- The New York Times "Playwright/actor Nelson Avidon delivers edge-of-your-seat suspense in his one-act psychological thriller, Girl In Heat. Girl in Heat is a sexy, powerful psychodrama. Avidon spouts many clever one-liners, adding levity to an otherwise dark story. The brilliant performances are the most remarkable thing about this 80-minute show. Robert Walden directs these two gifted performers seamlessly, keeping everything flowing at a riveting, tense pace. Girl in Heat is an intense rollercoaster ride filled with black humor." -- Show Business "Nelson Avidon is a terrific actor and in Girl in Heat he has a breakout role. This is an edgy, smart, challenging play." -- Edward Norton "The wonderful Cheryl Leibert is a torrent of inappropriate emotion." -- offoffonline "Avidon's transformation at these moments -- lit an eerie red by lighting designer Hillery Makatura -- is extraordinary." -- Backstage Box Office Hours: one-half hour before curtain Appropriate For Ages: 16+

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