Gary Winter - Cooler



RE:Cooler is Fascinating...

Cooler is a kind of sci-fi play in which a group of people exist in a frozen state living in the present of a post-war society of unnamed place/time while trying in strange and humorous ways to recapture a nostalgic past now beyond their reach. Although the play never explicitly states why this group of people is trapped in the cooler of the plays title, its fascinating and darkly humorous to watch these very talented actors inhabit this alternate universe and to struggle to find meaning and love once their world has become circumscribed. The play is beautifully acted and staged sets, costume, lights, sound and the writing from the first line to the eerily haunting closing is funny, poetic, and unique albeit not always completely clear in a traditional realist style. If youre willing to suspend disbelief and allow yourself to be transported into an alternate universe, this play is for you. The images and language are powerful enough that the play will remain with you long after youve left the theater.