Found Festival 2018 Cast and Company

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1hr. 30min. (3 intermission)
Opens Jan 25, 2018


Niara Sena
Ivy in Proximity
Emily Ashenden
Effie in Proximity
Rebecca Noelle Mason
Naomi in Proximity
Morgan Fay
Ian in Proximity
Malcolm Spragg Hoyt
Sam in Proximity
Matt Miller
Sam in The Edge
Haley Sullivan
Jess in The Edge
Jessica Waldman
Marie in Swings
Christopher Dellacruz
Charlie in Swings


Leanne Convis
Producer/Production Manager
Sarah Daniels
Producer/Playwright of The Edge
Alexandra Lee
Playwright of Proximity
Joanna Whicker
Playwright of Swings
Joseph Hayward
Director of The Edge
Mikey Craighead
Director of Proximity
Matt Miller
Director of Swings