Flip Side

1hr. 30min. (1 intermission)
Opened Sep 26, 2008
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A comedy of longing, misperceptions, and mismatches, two sets of characters occupy two different worlds. The inhabitants of Drizzle Plaza - a bleak and empty place, like a city where everyone has gone on vacation - are drowning in the seductive power of infatuation, yearning, and regret. Meanwhile, on the flip side, is the Waterfall family in a world of constant motion and relentless cheerfulness with a dose of claustrophobia. And then the worlds being to mingle. Flip Side is the product of an unconventional collaboration, inverting the traditional creative process by designing a set first and then writing the play inspired by the visual/physical environment.

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Full Cast, Creative Team Set for The Talking Band's Flip Side - Aug 20, 2008

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