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Blue Heron Theatre presents the New York premiere of Farm Boys, by Amy Fox and Dean Gray from Will Fellows' book of oral histories, Farm Boys: Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest,. Jim Pelegano directs. When he unexpectedly inherits a small farm in his hometown, John leaves New York City to travel to central Wisconsin and reacquaint himself with the farming lifestyle. But the ghosts of John's past -- including a relationship he had with the farm's original owner while still a teenager -- cast a shadow over his current romance with his partner Kim, a native New Yorker and choreographer. Judged by a community fearful of homosexuality and pressured to sell the property by a corporation that's slowly extinguishing small farmers, John must ultimately determine where he and Kim can create a home for themselves. David Drake and Thomas James O'Leary head the cast that also features Joan Grant, Craig Jorczak, and Jim Madden. Schedule Sunday, September 19 @ 7pm Monday, September 20 @ 8pm Wednesday, September 22 @ 8pm Thursday, September 23 @ 8pm Friday, September 24 @ 8pm Saturday, September 25 @ 8pm Sunday, September 26 @ 3pm Tuesday, September 28 @ 8pm Wednesday, September 29 @ 8pm Thursday, September 30 @ 8pm Friday, October 1 @ 8pm Saturday, October 2 @ 8pm Sunday, October 3 @ 3 & 7pm Tuesday, October 5 @ 8pm Thursday, October 7 @ 8pm Friday, October 8 @ 8pm Saturday, October 9 @ 8pm Sunday, October 10 @ 3pm

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Farm Boys

Sep 27, 2004
Craig Jorczak and David Drake in Farm Boys. (Photo © Richard Termine) Representations of gay life usually focus on urban environments, but that's only par Read More

Farm Boys - Sep 27, 2004

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