Exit / Entrance

Opened Sep 10, 2010
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Charles, a retired classics professor, and his wife, Helen, are back in the apartment they shared for their entire married lives. They quietly reaffirm their deep affection for each other, the life they've shared, its delights and disappointments, as they toast their commitment. In a similar apartment, a much younger couple unpacks from an exhilarating trip to Greece. They settle into an empty apartment, eager to begin their new life together. Over the course of the play, two quiet, intimate evenings unfold, where the lives of two couples are irrevocably changed.

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Exit/Entrance - Sep 15, 2010

Lara Hillier, Greg Mullavey, David L. Townsend, Linda Thorson Set for 59E59's EXIT/ENTRANCE - Aug 10, 2010

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